Get Your Patches!


Looks like one of your fellow troop buddies decided to recommend you to BAND! We’re currently having an event where you can get these awesome patches. Make sure to follow the steps below to get some patches before Saturday, October 20th, 2018! 

Here’s how to enter:

1. Download the App*

Download the app through the link provided below and create an account. By downloading the app through the link we’ll be able to tell that you are participating the event.

BAND Download

2. Create a Band

By creating a Band you’ll be entered into the patch event. You’ll also be able to test out some awesome features that many troop leaders enjoy using with their scouts’ parents.

3. Invite Four or More People

Lastly, invite four or more people into your Band! You can invite the parents of your scouts to test out the RSVP, photo album, poll, or calendar feature!

*Download the app via the “Download BAND Now” button above. This is very important in order to participate in the patch event.

Once you’ve finished completing the tasks above, you’ll receive a Patch Request Form through your in-app notifications in 1-2 weeks. We expect there to be just as many, if not more, participants as last time, so please be patient as we fill patch orders. Thank you!


**Event end date is October 20th, 2018. In order for your submission to remain valid, create a Band and invite four or more people to it by end-of-day Saturday, October 20th, 2018.

Check why troop leaders love BAND below!

7 Reasons Why BAND Is the Best Choice for Scout Groups

Scout groups often ask us these questions:

  • “What’s BAND?”
  • “How does BAND help scout leaders?” 
  • “What’s it like to use it with your troop?”

In this post, we answer ’em all.

What’s BAND and Why Do Scout Groups Love It?

BAND is a group communication app designed for leaders to manage their group effectively and in one place.

Why do scout groups love BAND? 
Here’re the top 7 reasons why scout troops are making the switch from email, text and other services onto BAND!

1. You Only Need One Good App

Email, text, Google Calendar, Facebook Group, Remind, Shutterfly, Sign Up Genius…

Before using BAND, the surveyed scout leaders previously used at least TWO services to communicate and stay organized. The truth is, you only need one good app.


So why is BAND that one good app?

BAND’s got everything you need in one place: calendar, RSVP, sign-ups, posting, polling, photo sharing, chat, and more.

This means that you can effectively ditch all the other channels and reach everyone from the same place. All your scout parents get the same updates, and respond to you or to each other on BAND.

2. Everyone Comes Well-Prepared

On BAND, you can post ANYTHING: from photos and files to attendance sheets, you can share it all under a single post. 

This flexible format allows scout leaders to share what they’re going to do each meeting. If someone’s missing that week, it’s easy for them to catch up later.

If there are any assignments leaders want to share in the middle of the week, parents can leave comments to share what their scouts are working.


Plus, you can check who read each post, so no one can make excuses anymore!


3. Calendars with RSVP & Reminders

Scout groups have diverse activities throughout the season. Share them on the Calendar so parents are clear on what’s going on with automatic reminders. If you’re managing schedules through Google Calendar, sync it with BAND and check them on your phone. 

Calendar with RSVP & auto-reminders

4. Built-In Signup Sheet & Poll

Delegating tasks and reaching consensus are always a hassle. BAND provides built-in Signup and Poll features that notify everyone on the app the moment you post them.

Use the Signup feature to prepare for booth dates. It’s easy for parents, too — all they have to do is open up BAND and tap on the date and time to say when they can attend.


Make group decisions fast using the Poll feature!

Poll: No-fuss group decisions

5. Email and SMS Notifications


Parents without smartphones can still get the same content from BAND through email or text messages. Instead of inviting them, add them as “Subscribers.” You’ll be able to send posts as SMS or email alerts. 

6. One-On-One & Group Chat

Want to send a private message but don’t want to share your phone number or personal social media? BAND makes it easy to message anyone in your group with one-on-one chat. Have something to say to a certain group? Create subgroup chatrooms to stay connected for things like carpools, camping trips, and other activities.

7. Private, Secure Sharing & Tons of Storage

Have tons of cute photos and videos on your phone, but don’t have a secure way to share them all? Share them privately on BAND. Organize the photos and videos into albums. You can upload as many photos and videos as you’d like. 

Still not convinced? Read the testimonial and see what’s it like to BAND with your group!

benefits of using band app for your scout troop.

Download the BAND app and spread the word to the scout community! 😉

3 thoughts on “Get Your Patches!

  1. Hi! I’m excited that we’ve started using BAND for our troop! When does the event end, so I know when to reach out if the push notification doesn’t happen?
    (Tech can be funny sometimes. 🙂)

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